Implementation of Open Source Software

We install, deploy and configure Open Source Software for libraries and archiving justifys. We are focusing mainly on KOHA Integrated Library System and Dspace as Institutional Repository and Digital Library.

Support and Maintenance

We provide high level of maintenance and technical support services in which we handle the corrective and evolutive maintenance of all the solutions that we support to provide you the most adapted and up to date version.
we take care of your issues, from urgencies problems to functional failures, from database to configuration changes, from new requirements to simple helpdesk questions.

Data Conversion & Systems Migration

When it comes to Data Conversion and System migrations, experience matters. We at Implementers have worked with most library software on the market and performed numerous migrations from legacy library systems.
We design our approach to your individual case, define the requirements with your team and test data until the final migration into your new library system.

  • We knows library data backwards and forwards
  • We've dealt with many challenges in data conversion from non-MARC bibliographic data to ambiguous data from old databases
  • We get your data from many legacy ILSs, including the library systems that don't make it easy
  • we can retrieve data from an older repository, a legacy database or from external services such as bibliographic databases, or map existing data into new formats
  • We clean up your data as well with professionals fluent in MARC as part of a migration project or afterwards

Customization & Integration

We perform many types of customization services for KOHA and Dspace. These can be comprehensive modifications of configurations as well as modifications according to your requirements. The interfaces can be designed as per your desired look-and-feel.
We can integrate KOHA and Dspace with 3rd party systems inside or outside your institution in different models.


We provide on-site or remote training sessions. Whether you need a refresher for new staff members, a friendly walk-through of new features, or complete system training, Implementers team is here to help.
Our training approach combines lecture, discussion, and hands-on practices to test the different situations that you will encounter in production in a way that your library staff gains and acquires the knowledge, the confidence and the ability they need to run the new system smoothly.

Consultancy services

Implementers provides consultancy on a variety of library automation projects, digitization projects, digital repositories projects, RFID projects, Data Conversion and System Migration, Metadata interoperability, Hardware infrastructure & high availability.


  • Our Address :
  • 6th floor
  • Center Moussa
  • Mazraa-Beirut
  • Lebanon